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Monday, April 18, 2011
no matter how many times life fails me, or i fail my life, 10:43:00 PM

i'll stand up from where I fall,

coz I'm a "cockroach which survives" (JuAnn 2011)

wth man.. so not cool but she has a point =p

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Sunday, April 3, 2011
have u gone crazy? 1:50:00 AM

although I've always known working in a community pharmacy involves loads of customer service and interaction, it never crosses my mind that this would drain out every single bit of my energy for every single day.

Nope, i'm not complaining. In fact, it's a discovery and experience. Everyone told me it is a bad place for placement, indeed it is not the best place to improve and practise my drug knowledge, but I find that I'm always learning. Most of all, learn to deal with grumpy, rude customer and some difficult staff.

Learn to smile when customers are scolding me, learn to apologise for others' mistake, learn to swallow up dissatisfaction and curse while at work lol

I have so many stories about customers to share with everyone, some happy ones, sad ones, frustrating ones and annoying ones. I guess I can write it one at a time to keep this blog alive =p

Not trying to be racist here, today I'm just gonna talk about two major conclusions I can make out of my 5 weeks observation in pharmacy.

1. Australian takes anti depressant like candy. Most popular brands eleva, concorz, esitalo etc. I can say for every 5 australians who come into the pharmacy with a prescription, one of them is here for anti depressant drug. It really surprises me a lot when I first started working a few weeks ago.

Pardon my ignorance but I really have no freaking idea how stressful their life is. I mean.... in my whole life I don't even have any recollection of any people that I know of, who is on any anti depressant (unless they keep it as secret from me lah). I mean... well yea life is hard we all get emo and depressed sometimes but we will eventually get over it and now we are stronger than a tiger! I've always thought depression is a HUGE thing, for people who experience ugly divorce/break up, domestic violence, traumatic experience, disabled from accident etc. But yea I may be wrong. I'm not being judgmental but I'm curious what would make so many of them take this everyday. Just hope that they can have a happier life soon and do not have to rely on antidepressant too much anymore.

2. Indian customers are rude, well, most of them. No I'm not kidding. I have lost count of how many times I got scolded with fingers pointing at my nose when I did absolutely nothing wrong and I didn't have any chance to explain myself. Sigh.

Customers like to come in to compare price for a few different drugs, which take me forever to find out bcoz I'm freaking new and our pharmacy has special discount when customer buys in bulk etc. And when I finally got everything done for them, they would give me a "can-u-be-anymore-slower?" look and told me they have no interest in buying =.=

Or they come in and ask for some product with mega thick accent and pardon my blocked ear due to 3 inches thick of ear wax, they would go crazy when I asked them to repeat the product name that they request. By crazy I mean raising their voice "I MEAN IRON I-R-O-N NOT IODINE COME ON!" or give me the "you are so dumb it's ridiculous" look or "I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE PHARMACIST, NOW!" crazy. and all I can do is to rise my patience threshold to another sky-high level and put on the sweetest smile and do whatever they want me to do or listen.

and I don't say "have a nice day" to them, hng, yes I purposely miss saying that, esp to mean customers. I certainly don't wish u have a nice day, I just hope u can go straight back to ur house and rot inside and let others (me!) have a nice day

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Friday, March 25, 2011
today I don't feel like doing anything 9:50:00 PM

i'm so happy today

as I was walking down the street back from work today, even though the intense heat from sunlight almost burnt my skin, I feel incredibly happy today

I thought of my V, whom I fight with a lot, but at least we know we are in a truthful relationship (and we don't have to blame any outsider for any flaw in our relationship bleh)

I thought of my wonderful friends, who listen to my rant and be there for me when I'm down, who reconnect with me after misunderstanding, who introduce job for me, who drive me around for random dinner, who crack lame jokes over dinner table, who I know, love me a lot =)

I thought of my recent unbelievable luck, where even I got "the worst placement one can get (quote pharmacy students) for my rotation, I met many friendly and helpful colleagues, I learn a lot, I have a healthier lifestyle now, I am more confident in doing what I'm now and I really enjoy it; luck where I went to a random bus stop and check for bus time when I didn't have a single clue, the right bus came a few mins later, right in front of me; luck where I met a friendly bus driver, who stopped right in front of my destination just for me; luck where I get the nicest tutor ever as my examiner.

I thought of the complete happy family I have, where we are always on each other's back. We don't contact each other everyday, believe it or not I only video call my parents once in 2 to 3 weeks time, but every video call is warm and cheer me up every single time. I have a loving and funny dad who's very excited about V (lol), a talented mom who prepares all the delicious meals for us, a cute sister that I love a lot.

I thought of my courage and patience, where I learn to build up at work, nasty people is everywhere, I may bring the anger and sorrow to sleep and wake up with a completely different mood.

I thought of the job interview I had today and it went well. I never attend any and I have almost null working experience but I'm just so lucky to be able to introduced to this job.

seriously, what is there to be unhappy?

(of coz, unless, u include natural disaster around the world =.=)


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Sunday, March 20, 2011
hallo? 1:47:00 PM

wake up!

i'll not abandon u, i'll visit u more often, pen down (err it's more like typing down) my thoughts whenever I have any, the rush of thoughts come every now n then yet none of them is strong enough to drag me to this little corner.

i need to write more, jot down more memories, lessons, experiences, hate and love =)

so random. i know.

one of the side effect of having assessment tomorrow where the examiner will come to ur pharmacy and ask u tonnes of questions while looking straight into ur face and nobody can help u and u can't do the swirl-the-pen-and-pick-an-ans trick. while i'm only half done with my study. great.

i'll survive. i broke down millions of times, asking myself why am i doing this, why am i here, do i even like what i'm doing every now and then, but i guess i'll still stick to my belief where everything happens for a reason.

meh i shall stop here.


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Sunday, December 12, 2010
sarah: copied 12:27:00 PM

Cheng yii sent me this the other day from http://leloveimage.blogspot.com/2010/12/so-i-inactivate-you.html

And i think it's so true! so now galssssss it's not my fault for dwelling in the past..! After all it wasnt deleted.. :( haha or 'they' werent deleted.

The love you had for your ex isn’t the same as with someone new, each love is different. I think the love is just “inactive”; you can’t delete someone you truly loved. It’s almost like a facebook account, you can just inactivate your account, never delete it. If you want to and the time is right you can recreate it, but the pages have changed and so have you.

I really thought you were the love of my life. And perhaps in the future, we can be together again. So I inactivate you, try to bury my feelings for you. Because right know we're not right for each other.


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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
I guess, it's just human nature 9:50:00 PM

Anyone heard of a story about a girl who argued with the mom and she ran out of the house? After leaving home, she eventually became tired and hungry until she walked to a small bun stall with a rumbling tummy. The uncle who sells the bun offered free buns for the poor little girl.

Holding the buns, the girl cried and told the kind uncle everything that happened. She couldn't stop thanking the uncle for offering free food to her. She never thought she will received help from a stranger.

The old man looked at her, and said "I offered u a few buns, u already feel so thankful. How about your parents who feed and raise you for the past 17 years? Have you ever thought of thanking them?"

The words stroke the little girl immediately, that she has always been taking her precious family for granted. After munching on the buns, she thanked the uncle again and went home.

We always feel touched when an unexpected person (let it be a normal friend or stranger) lend us help just when we need it,

but often we neglect the constant care and help and love from the person who is always trying to be by our sides. The one who never give up in helping us, who never judge us, who care enough to tell us what's right and what's wrong.

We meet this guy/girl, they treat us very nice as normal friend, we were very grateful and felt very lucky to be pampered that way. We showed appreciation towards every single thing they have done for us and counted our blessing every day before sleep.

However, as the relationship started to develop, we are getting used to the constant care, love and help, ironically, instead of being constantly thankful, we start to take them for granted.

Suddenly, the love and care become just like air, we need it but just because we will never be lack of it, we never think about the consequences of losing it anymore.

We suddenly find their care redundant, we find it annoying, we even hope that we can receive less care and love because we don't find it as important and touching as we used to see it anymore. We think we can have happier life if we don't receive this much excessive care.

We slowly forget how all these start, forget what happen if we suddenly lose it, how much effort the other party is putting to continuously show this much "redundant" care despite all the reluctance and annoyance we showed them.

We are very thankful to them when normal friends cook for us once in a while. But when the person who cares for us show that they are willing to do the same, we reject their offers without showing any appreciation.

When will we learn? that people get tired too, that sometimes they just want us to be happy, to be at least appreciative with a simple "thank you" or a simple hug, that no matter how many times we turn their offer down and upset them, they still never give up on us just because they care, they don't ask for any return, they don't do it with any motive, that one day if we lose them, we might lose them forever?

When will we only learn as fast as the little girl?

I guess, we will never learn until we lose it. That's the beauty and the ugliness of a lesson.

I guess, no matter how much we try to deny it, it's human nature that as soon as we think we won't lose it, we take every wonderful thing for granted.


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Thursday, September 23, 2010
1+: iphone photoshop 4:03:00 PM

since I'm sick and homebound, more precisely, bed-bound, I shall wrote a simple post about the wonders of iphone apps (yes I am indeed an iphone freak)

I'm not sure if iphone has the best camera/touch screen/texting/connection in the world, but it certainly comes with millions of apps in the store to choose and utilise.

start with "print screen" from fb app.
Normally, one can easily save any photo from any website opened from iphone safari by just clicking on the photo and hold, then the option "save photo" will pop out and you can save it.

but the only way you can save a photo from fb app is to print-screen it. (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong). To print screen a photo and save it, simply press and hold the on/off button, and press the home button at the same time, a camera "cha-ka" sound will be made and the photo is automatically saved into your photo album

like this.

then by using a FREE app "photochop", crop the image you want down and paste it to another background you choose.

I must say eventhough photochop is free, it is not very user friendly. The crop function is solely based on erasing the unwanted area, so as you can see the edge of the hair and clothes are poorly done. It took me quite some time to do the final touch up of cropping but it still came out like shit.

ps: sorry jac for erasing ur photo >.< href="http://picasaweb.google.com/y.jaye87/AuraOfIndulgence?authkey=Gv1sRgCNDejcmd1JvvgAE#5520016721851848354">
I pasted the cropped image on a hk city night view photo that I took when I went there last winter break. As you can see, the whole photo just appears to be very fake and awful. The colour and lighting between the background and the cropped image aren't uniform at all.

To fix this, I used another FREE photography app "Mill Colour"
Just simply open the app with the image and choose the "print" mode. This app is quite good as it can turn any photo into many awesome different modes, such as "chocolate" vintage, "instant" which looks like polaroid, "70's" vintage, "promo", "cross-processed" etc. Worth downloading =)

And suddenly, the colour, contrast of two different images are synchronised (dunno if I use the correct term but you know what I mean lah) already =)

There is still fine white lines at the edge of hair and clothes due to my poor cropping skill, that can't be helped but I'm sure if you guys have more patience than me, you won't even have those annoying lines after using "mill colour"

To make it to appear to be even more real, I used FREE "adobe photoshop express" app, to add the "soft edge"

and ta-da! my final product! =D

I showed it to V and he was like "eh did we take this in hk?", his response made me proud hehe.
some may say it still looks fake and unnatural, but that's the best I can do using my iphone T_T forgive me I'm not even a graphic design student or anything like that T__T

This is so pretty I set it as my lock screen wallpaper heh.

Since sarah just got her iphone 4, I'll just take this post as a small tutorial for her on iphone photoshop hehe.

I'm not sure if anyone still read this blog, but hope this helps any iphone user =p
and let me know if you discover other awesome apps =D

why oh why, why can't sickness go away.

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